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I have a Google Nexus 7 that does not support Adobe flash , Would I be able to watch your movies?
Posted by Scott Williams on 14 November 2012 04:46 PM
A: The answer is yes. You are correct in the sense that the newest Google OS ( Jelly Bean ) does not support Adobe flash . But do not panic , you can play adobe flash video and flash content by following the procedure indicating on the this link to the letter:

    You need to:

    1) Have a file manager file installed in your Nexus 7 ( if you do not , download one FREE from )
    2) Download Adobe Flash Player_1.apk
    3) Download Adobe Flash Player_2.apk
    4) Install both the .apk in the order _1 and then _2
    5) After (and only after) installing and updating flash (step 4), install a browser that supports flash (aka the firefox .apk or Dolphin.apk ). You can download Dolphin Browser for Android devices or Aurora ( Firefox ) beta. Both browser work great. We prefer Dolphin but both browsers work fine. You can find out more about the Dolphin Browser here:
    6) If you are using Firefox, flash is not enabled automatically. Change this by going into the settings, find plugins, and select enabled.
    7) You are all set. Enjoy!.

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