How long does it take to get access to the videos once I submit my order?
Posted by Scott Williams on 14 November 2012 04:06 PM
A:  We have teamed up with CCBill (C) and Epoch (C) to provide real time processing; you will get a response in approximately 3 seconds if your CC payment was approved. CCBILL will be the name that will appear on your CC statement, or EPOCH if processed by the forementioned company. Once your CC is approved online, you can access your membership immediately. All information provided is protected and encrypted while submitting CC personal information on line. If your CC is not accepted you will be offered an alternative payment method process for your membership.

*Due to problems with fraud using CC over the Internet, you will be required to submit your address , name on the account and the security code. If the address on the CC does not match your bank records where the CC was issued, the transaction will not be approved. This can be seen as a hassle but prevents unauthorized use of your CC in case that your card or information has been compromised.

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