Can I watch the videos online before downloading them?
Posted by Scott Williams on 14 November 2012 04:00 PM
A:  We have a separate section called Daddyclassics mobi that allows to buy a membership to view streaming videos online with your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Keep in mind that the membership is a separate section of the downloads section, you can opt to purchase one or the other, or both.

To get your mobile membership access, click here

Then signin the mobile section: and select any of the available movie speeds.

You will need to have the latest flash plug-in version in your computer. You can download it free from adobe's site or by clicking HERE.  We also reccomend having the latest Java plug-in version which you can download free HERE.

What many of our customers do is to get a membership and watch all the videos online, then if they want to keep a video for ever, they purchase credits to download them. The more credits you buy the cheaper the costs per scene. Scenes cost for download may vary from 1 to 10 dollars per scene.

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