I've just subscribed for a membership, but my username is not working on Cruising or Daddytube, why?
Posted by Scott Williams on 05 September 2012 10:30 AM

A: To access Cruising and Daddytube you need to register, since they are different sites, however, since you have a membership at TopLatinDaddies, you will get all the Premium Features in your Cruising account, and unlimited access at Daddytube.tv at no extra cost.

  • To Sign up for a Daddytube account just go to this link: http://www.daddytube.tv/signup.php and state that you are a TopLatinDaddies Member in the form. You will have unlimited access as long as you keep your TopLatinDaddies account.

Once you have created your Profile at Cruising, you need to link your Cruising account with your TopLatinDaddies account.  You must only perform this action once.

To do so, first log in to your Cruising account:

Go to http://cruising.older4me.com/index.php and enter your user information:

Once you log in, click on the red “Become a Premium Member” tab in the upper left corner of the screen, or copy and paste this link http://cruising.older4me.com/premium.php in your web browser, and follow the instructions.

You’ll be prompted to enter your TopLatinDaddies membership information:

Click on theTopLatinDaddies membership option.

Streaming Username: (your TopLatinDaddies username)

Streaming Password: (your TopLatinDaddies password)

Security Code: (the code displayed to the right)

After these steps your cruising account will be a Premium Account.

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