How do I watch the movies I have downloaded?
Posted by Scott Williams on 05 September 2012 10:28 AM
A: Any video player client such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime player, Real Player, VLC , or in general any player you have that plays .mp4 files can be used to play the downlaoded videos on your PC or Mac. We do not know of any player for PC or Mac which will not play the downloads.

If you have downloaded the HD version , one of the option besides your PC or Mac is to watch it on your HD TV set using any HD TV player, such as Roku HD player, Western Digital TV Media Player, Playstation 3, XboX 360, or simply burning them to a DVD and using any .mp4 compatible DVD player.

Most users prefer to download the 480p version since it takes only a few minutes to download.

But if you would like to view the videos on your HD we highly recommend that you download the HD version , it takes longer to download since is a much heavier file in size.

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