How do I download movies?
Posted by Scott Williams on 04 September 2012 03:45 PM

A: First, you will need to register. It's free, and this will be your main login information throughout the site. If you don't have your TLD Username yet, you can start your registration HERE.

Once you have your TLD Username, simply sign in to the site:

B: Then you need to purchase credits that can be used to downlaod your favorite scenes  . We have plenty of payment options, you can check them out here

  • Download to own 480p video optimized for Mobile Devices, Tablets, PCs & MACs at 1200kbps.

  • Download on HD, you will download the movie in high quality and you can enjoy it from any PC, MAC, HD TV player, Playstation, etc

  • Once you click on the video option you selected , you will get a pop up screen like this one:

    Once you click the DOWNLOAD button, your movie will start downloading. Please make sure to select SAVE FILE when prompted to save the scene in the directory of your choice. Once the download has completed, the scene is yours to keep.

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